Thursday, 18 October 2007

How to zazz up my blog

Well, here it is, a blog, my most transparent way of making money ever since I typed 'get rich quick' into google and it said by advertising on your blog, you will definitely end up making money. Well how am I going to pull people in, is the question.



Yeah I got nothing.

Well other than my film reviews, here's my first feature:

McLeron's Favourite Song Of The Week

and the winner is... My Way - Frank Sinatra.

Strange choice I know, but oddly fitting for the momentous 'pilot' of its premiere. It's a really good song, and I'd actually love it to get played at my funeral, because the singing implies that there is a tremendous great deal of accomplishment, and reflection on the life thats been held behind you. Have a listen, here's a sample:

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