Monday, 10 December 2007

Song Of The Week - December Week 2

Argh I've been away for a while here's three of the songs I'm obsessing about the most this week.

Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

God how amazing is this song? It's fucking awesome. The drumming in this song is phenomenal, it sounds like there's about 8 drummers. If I'm leaving my house and this comes on my mp3, I noticed that all my movements get so much faster, I stomp furiously down the street, a force to be reckoned with. It's a damn good effect. It's a thumping foot-tapping masterpeice and a brilliant choice as a track one for their album

The next song which I've been relistening to over and over again is

Don Davis and Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa

from the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. It plays when Trinity and Morpheus try to elude the Agents and Twins on the 'freeway'. This song has a really catchy rumbling beginning, and its an epic 10 minute Wagner-esque dramatic song which tried to have everything: orchestral brass, house sparkles, unique anklongs, drawn out horns, some opera, a nonsensical title, FOUR climaxes, and no lyrics of any kind.

The next song I'm crazy about is

Jon Licht - Die This Way

and it too is from a soundtrack, this time the TV show Dexter. Dexter is the best TV show on at the moment. I'm not shitting you. It finishes in the US next week, but I've already managed to watch the finale, due to the marvellous website FreeTVDown, and the show was spectacular - it's a series about a forensics expert who is a serial killer in his spare time because he is a self-resigned monster. The song is basically an extended version of Dexter's end credits but with some guy randomly rapping over it, and ridiculous sounding on paper, it ends up an original, mournful, tune.

Go listen to all these. Most of these songs can be found on youtube but if you wish to download a sample here are some rapidshare links.

I urge everybody to listen, all these songs are excellent

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Lurch said...

isn't it called Mona Lisa Overdrive?

huh? huh? huh?