Friday, 15 January 2010

IM: S1

Introducing Multimedia
Session One

What is the internet, good or bad?
The internet is good because... provides entertainment e.g. downloading. is a source of information e.g. journeyplanner
...enables immediate communication e.g. msn censorship – freedom of speech
...provides realms for personal development and education e.g. Wikipedia
...people with difficulties get opportunities makes everything faster e.g. Michael Jackson’s death can keep track of everything easier e.g. online banking

The internet is bad because... censorship – too much freedom!
...digitising everything causes job loss e.g. Sayonara, Borders’s untrustworthy e.g. Michael Jackson's death again
...turns being unengaged into a Zen-like experience
...unsafe – lack of security e.g. identity theft, fraud
...limits human interaction – promotes a loss of social norms
...perpetuates a false persona e.g. Lord Xandir Cliffclay of Moria is actually Rick Smedley from Milton Keynes
...piracy, copyright infringement e.g. www.*******.com regulation, so you can be susceptible to addiction
...promotes marginalisation on non internet-savvy people
...shortening of people’s attention span e.g. when you

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