Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The GAME OF THRONES Fantasy League 2017

It’s time to send in your teams for The Game of Thrones Fantasy League 2017!

This is a game that requires nearly no input: you select characters from each group and make a team. When certain things happen to those characters you win or lose points. The full list of characters and available points are listed below. At the end of the season, the person with the team that has scored the most points is declared the winner. There will be prizes!

Some of you will have played this last year – while things are essentially the same, there have been a few changes:

The Points System has been updated. There are now more ways to gain points. Look over them with consideration and carry that with you when choosing your team.
Now you can select TWO characters from Group A. Originally you could only choose one character from each group – but now you can have TWO Main Characters on your team. You can only choose ONE character from each other Group.
Choose a number between 2 and 6. Due to the shortened season, there is now a new and exciting opportunity to win more points! The number you choose will correspond to the episode of the season. For this episode, your characters will receive DOUBLE points. Think of this like a Joker round at a pub quiz. For this, we are excluding the first and last episode of the season.

So your submissions will be slightly different this year. Here is an example of a team submission:
“Hi, this is my team:
Group A – Cersei & Sansa
Group B – Sam
Group C – Bronn
Group D – Grey Worm
Group E – Lyanna
Group F – Qyburn
Group G – Ghost
Group H – Syrio Forel
Group I – Daario
Episode – 5”

Here is the full list of available points:

Open in new tab if image is too small

Important things to keep in mind:

There will be a capping system in place in the event your character kills more than two people in a single episode. A character like Bronn who killed thousands of people with a single arrow in the episode 'Blackwater' would never be able to gain those points back if not for a capping system in place, so you would never lose more than 20 points if your character killed over two people in a single episode.

All events must be seen on screen, but I reserve the right to be flexible on this matter.

Now that is out of the way, on to the Character Groups!

The Characters are sorted into nine groups:

Group A – Main Characters
These are the characters who anchor the show, whose arc is why there even is a show. These characters are in the show the most and therefore tend to score the most points, so the two characters you choose here will make or break your team.

Group B – Supporting Mains
These are characters who have enough screen presence that they can carry storylines and scenes on their own, but are not key points of view in the song of Ice and Fire.

Group C – Rest of the mains
These are all the other living characters whose actors have their names in the opening credits as of season 6.

Group D – Side Characters
These are important characters but not important enough to have their actors’ names in the opening credits.

Group E – Sides to the sides
These are significant characters that aren't important enough to carry their own scenes.

Group F – Weirdos
These are mysterious characters with supernatural characteristics.

Group G – Animals
You’ve got to have an animal on your team, if anything just as a mascot.

Group H – Gone but might return
These are characters who are dead but there is a chance they may return in flashbacks or visions

Group I – Are these fuckers coming back?
These are characters who were important and have seemingly left the story but have yet to have a death scene.

Game of Thrones returns July 16th. Please send me your submissions long before then! Blog posts about the results for the episode tend to be up by the Tuesday of that week, so stay tuned...and good luck!

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