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Lost – 4.04 – Eggtown by McLeron

Previously on Lost: Nothing happened.

We open as we did on episode 1.04 on Locke’s scarred right eye. Instead of his second coming via the plane crash, in this episode he’s now a leader, sleeping in a cot. Fancy pants. He grabs some eggs from Ben’s fridge with sweet potatoes and melons. Locke makes breakfast, adds a melon to it, gets out a book and brings it to Ben, who is occupying Anthony Cooper’s old cell in the basement. Ben looks at the last two eggs and the book John has brought him. He is not impressed. He asks why he was moved from the rec room to the cell. Well, where would you put your prisoner? Locke says it’s because he wants Ben under his own roof. Ben asks where Locke is keeping ‘Miles, is it?’ That’s sillyness because he said Miles’ full name when listing everything he knew about Charlotte at the end of 4.02. Locke doesn’t say anything which earns him a taunt from Ben. He responds that he was hoping Ben could tell him about the spy on the ship. Ben coldly replies ‘I feel for you, John…you keep hitting dead ends, you couldn’t find the cabin, you can’t make contact with Jacob…’ I take issue with this as Ben has only raised two points here, and when you look at them, they both mean the same thing that Locke can’t find Jacob. That’s only one dead end. I hope Locke is clever enough to realise that he hasn’t really put a foot wrong so far, except his impoliteness to Charlotte, it’s just that Ben keeps showing him up by bragging about how much he knows. Ben says that Locke is so desperate for help, he’s even coming to the man who shot him for guidance. Ben tells Locke he’s more lost than he’s ever been before. Locke says he knows what Ben’s doing, and it won’t work. Good man, Locke, you’re living in the coolest house in Otherville (does he know about the random Swiss passport back room?), you’re being the leader you always wanted to be. Don’t let these meaningless words get to you. Ben replies spitefully ‘Excellent, John, you’re evolving!’ All this does is make Locke take the yummy looking eggs and melon away. Well done, Ben. Unfortunately, this tiny dig makes Locke lose it as he’s leaving and he throws them at a ridiculously fake wall which ripples. Ben hears this and looks smug. Photobucket
Photobucket Locke storms out of his house slamming the door. Kate sees this from afar and asks Claire what’s going on with the Lockodile. Claire has no ideas. Sawyer hopsalong and sweetly says ‘Mornin’ ladies’. It’s rather nice because it almost feels like how Lost should be when it’s ended. They are on the island, they all get on with each other. It’s less Lost than something like Little House on the Prairie. Sawyer rasps that the coffee smells good. Claire gets the hint and goes off to make a cup. Sawyer sits on the porch and remarks how it’s weird that they’re drinking coffee out of mugs. The last time they did that, they were hunting a haunting hog. We learn that Sawyer is shacking up with Hurley. Oi oi. Sawyer’s ready to shaft Hurley out of the picture so Kate can move in. Kate says she isn’t going to move in with Sawyer. What? Even I, a dude, want to live with Sawyer and Hurley, that would be awesome. Sawyer asks that if she didn’t want to bunk with him, why did she leave Jack, but Kate isn’t going to tell. Sawyer suspects she’s spying for Jack. She denies it, but refuses to tell Sawyer because she doesn’t trust him. You cold bitch. Sawyer nods, but you can tell he is crushed. He suspects it’s about the pregnancy, and Kate hides her expression with the coffee. ‘James,’ she says.
‘Go home’
You cold, cold bitch.

FLASHFORWARD to a glossy lipped Katherine. Kate is nervously pouting in a car with some greasy lawyer type, who played Ronny Lobell, (or Lonny Robell) in 24 day 4. Kate wants to go in through the back way, but that’s not how the lawyer wants to play it. Kate is going to march in with her head held high. Kate swallows and they leave the car. The paparazzi outside go mad and snap her asking questions wildly. God, the Oceanic 6 was big news. We skip to the bailiff reading out a humorously long list of criminal charges while Kate tries to look impassive. She looks beautiful. All my pictures this week are just going to be of her because man oh man, Evangeline…you’re impossibly beautiful!
Photobucket Kate pleads Not Guilty and there is murmured dissent (not to mention murmured assent). The bitchy prosecuting lawyer with the unwashed hair demands that Kate be taken into custody whilst the trail is ongoing. The lawyer objects and Kate looks almost scared
The judge rules that she be remanded, and Kate’s theme music gets really loud and overbearing. C’est tres dramatique.


‘Albucookie?’ asks Jin bemusedly? So he can read the alphabet? But 5 weeks ago he could only read Korean characters (or so Daniel Dae Kim’s agent would have you think). Sun finds this as hilarious as I do Photobucket She dismisses Albucookie as being too hot. Jin asks about New ‘Yok’ and Sun says that there’s too many people. ‘More than Seoul?’ Jin asks with childlike wonder. Aah I miss him, he hasn’t had any lines this season and curse me for picking him in the fantasy league. I’m doing ok though, I picked Locke and Sayid, good choices so far. Jin says that they are going to get rescued any minute. Then he says in English ‘I...learn Engrish…for you…to live in America’ Sun wants to raise her baby at home. Jin picks her up on saying ‘our’ baby. Someone cries out and they look over to Jack who has returned with others. Sun and Jin scamper over to him swinging their arms. Photobucket Jack is introducing everybody to the Rescuers. He tells Group B that Sayid and Desmond have left the island and are coming back for them. Sun asks the most often asked heart burning question ‘Where’s Kate?’ Did you not just hear Jack? Sayid and Desmond have left the island. That’s much bigger. Jack says she went with Locke. Haw haw.

Speaking of devils, Locke opens the door to Kate’s knock. She addresses Locke’s bloody hand. He says he just killed a chicken. Those really were the last two eggs then. NICE. Photobucket He asks her what she wants. She wants to speak to Miles. Locke wants to know why. It’s personal. Locke says no. Kate’s a bit wrongfooted by the firmness of Locke’s reply and wants to know what gives Locke the right. Locke tells her this ain’t no democracy. Kate reasons that if it’s not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship. Only the Sith deal in absolutes! Locke tells her that if he was a dictator he would just shoot her and carry on. Then, he makes a further threat…dinner’s at 6. And he shuts the door. Kate walks off but spots Hurley with some food. What’s new? She asks if the foods for Miles and Hurley blows everything and tells her the answer then tells her where she can find him, then he realises that he was a big mouth. He’s a little hurt that Kate ‘totally scooby-dooed’ him. Kate says sorry. Don’t apologise Kate, remember ‘Oh Locke tied me up in a cupboard and went crazy and has totally, like, you know, um, yeah, abandoned, this whole, like, you know, barracky place.’ Hurley is reassured by Kate that she won’t let Miles go or tell Locke he screwed up. Kate makes her way to the boat house where Miles is kept. She enters it and talks to Miles, asking if she knows who he is. Miles is silent. She asks if he knows what she did. Miles decides to cut her a deal. Arrogant jerk. He needs to see somebody, when he sees them, he will tell Kate everything he knows about her. Kate wants to know who he wants to see. Miles says ‘Who do you think?’ I take issue with this. First of all Kate, it’s damn obvious he’s talking about Ben, he went totally crazy ballistic demanding to know where he is from Juliet just yesterday. And Miles, what kind of tosser are you, what was preventing you from saying the name? And writers, why are you trying to stretch out these episodes with such pointless dialogue?

FLASHFORWARD to jailkate. This episode’s writing credits are handed out to Elizabeth Sarnoff and Greggory Nations. Photobucket Microsoft Spellchecker confirms my suspicions that some retard spelt Gregory wrong. The lawyer tells Kate that the DA herself is prosecuting. Kate’s best choice is to take a 15 year sentence, and serve 7 years. No way, says Kate. Her other option is life in prison. Kate says no to that. Typical Kate, the definition of fickle. She confessed to her mother…the star witness of the prosecution. They’re basically screwed unless…‘Him’ is in the courtroom. Kate isn’t having any of that. Who’s ‘He’?? ‘He’ is Kate’s son. Bum bum BUM!! Who is the father? Is that Sawyer’s kid? Where’s Sawyer? Who’s raising the kid? How many kids she got? Was it a caesarean? Kate got off the island? Kate’s not a virgin?

Back at the beach, Charlotte and Daniel are rearranging Dharma packaging, and Jack is trying the phone, to the avail of none. That’s a near mimickery of Jack’s flashforward. Is it me or has his head massively grown? Photobucket Juliet recommends he try a number other than the boat like 911. Sun bitches over and asks what's wrong. Jack can’t make signal with Sayid, despite them having left ages ago. Sun bitches on asking ‘what if Locke is right, and these people are here to hurt us?’ Jack would never admit Locke was right…except in ep 2.20, where actually I thought Jack was in the right at that specific time back then at that time back then at that time of the episode when he said what he said about what happened about what happened at that specific time back that at that time in ep 2.20 and ting. Jack says Locke has no idea what he’s doing. Jack is right, Locke just killed a chicken, at this time of year on the island, you’re meant to be killing turkeys. Sun gives Jack a lowblow and asks why Kate is with Locke. Kate’s always sided with Locke. See episodes 1.11, 2.01, 2.18, 3.10, and they kind of got a bit distant when he rejected her in 3.15.

Kate’s ears are white, but they should be burning (another mystery of the island) with her as the subjects of these debates. She’s looking at Ben’s house, and asking Claire if that’s where Ben is being kept. Master Island informant Huggy Claire says ‘Word to the wise, but you didn’t here this from me, dawg, word on the street is yes, you dig?’ Kate asks Huggy how she knows and she replies ‘Shut your wordhole, Austen, I keeps my ears to the ground you picking up on what I’m putting down? Peace, triple platinum, doing fifty a week, still’ Kate asks Claire if Locke ever comes out of his house. Claire says that Locke is cooking them all dinner. Aaron starts moaning. Claire asks Kate to sort Aaron out. What’s stopping you, Black Widow? Kate looks petrified. She says that she’s not very good with babies. Despite having delivered him? Well it’s good to know that she evolved in some way between flashforwards. Claire realises that Aaron’s godmother (and if Jate ever happens, auntie) is as useful as a one legged man at an arse kicking contest and nurtures Aaron herself. Hmm last week Sayid significantly said he would never work for Ben then the flashforward showed he worked for Ben. This week Kate has significantly said she’s no good with Aaron. This means the flashforward will significantly show *gasp* …Kate works for Ben. Nope, no logic there, give it time I’ll have a better theory soon. Claire laughs gaily and tells Kate she should try being a mum sometime. Er, Claire, did you not hear Juliet’s tape where it said that Austen was suspected preggers? Am I the only person who remembers every detail of this program in its entirety. Even now I’m recapping Eggtown from memory. (Well…if you consider playing a few seconds then immediately writing down what happens then taking a sideways look at the ongoing drama ‘from memory’)

We FLASHFORWARD to the court case. The lawyer tells Kate ‘Don’t kill me’ yeah, that’s what her father, her childhood sweetheart, and the US Marshall said. And where are they now? The lawyer continues ‘We got killed in the opening, I had to do this’ Before he can say what, the judge prompts him to bring forth his special surprise witness. The defence calls Doctor Agent Captain Jack Sparrow Bauer Shepherd to the witness stand. Jack looks oh so dashing. The DA is pissed but the judge is more interested in making good TV and allows Jack to testify. Jack swears the oath to tell the truth, and then proceed to tell a stupid amount of lies. He says that Kate told him herself that she was being transported from Sydney as a fugitive. Then he says that only 8 survived. Interesting… Two of them Kate tried to save, then Kate interrupts him calling a halt to his testimony. Damn, I wanted some names. The lawyer has used Jack to the best use possible anyway. The DA has to be a bitch on the cross and ask Jack if he loves Kate. Photobucket The senile judge allows this painful question to go ahead. Jack’s answer is ‘Not any more’

Back in real time Lost island style, is an inspired scene. If ever there was an opportunity for a spinoff show in Lost it would be this. Sawyer and Hurley bunked up together. Hurley is a sweet but annoying lovable Homer Simpson type dope, and Sawyer is the irritable Oliver Hardy, the Son from Steptoe, the Hancock from Hancock’s Half Hour, the Chandler to Hurley’s Joey. It would so work! It would!! That’s the Lost I want to see. And Jin could be the immigrant neighbour. Hurley puts on the TV but Sawyer’s reading. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Kate. Sawyer’s very pleased to see her. She comes in. Hurley gives Sawyer a sly wink and Sawyer takes issue with it. Lol and that. Sawyer wants to take this conversation elsewhere. They go into the kitchen. Sawyer pours her a Dharma ’81 and asks her about life in Casa de Claire. It’s actually Casa de Juliet if you want to get technical. Sawyer makes light of Kate’s attempt to socialise and wants her to get to the point. She wants to use Sawyer to help her get Miles out.

Sawyer knocks on Casa de John and Ben (imagine THAT spinoff sitcom! Ben: John…John…’re too weak! John: Aaaah shaddappa you face…) and proposes a game of backgammon. He knows just how to butter Locke up. They play. Locke suspects Sawyer is not confident in his abilities as a leader. Sawyer tells him everyone is willing to follow him…except Kate. She is a flight risk. Sawyer wants John to give his word that he won’t harm Kate. He doesn’t. Then he gives it. Sawyer tells Locke that she wanted Sawyer’s help to bust Ben out of the basement because Bruce Lee (Miles) told her to. Sawyer dobs Hurley in saying that he told everyone. John jumps to action but for some reason, instead of guarding Ben, he leaves the house unprotected to go off to see Miles. Sawyer is that good a con artist. Miles is gone! He’s with Kate, who breaks into the house (which doesn’t actually have a lock [or a Locke]) They scurry down to Ben’s wishbox cell. Kate shoots off the lock and gets Miles to Ben. Did Ben wish for that? Kate gives them one minute for them to talk, and no privacy. Miles asks if he knows him. Ben does. He also knows who Ben works for. Miles tells Ben that he has found him, and a pleased smile gets on his face. Miles tells Ben that he can go back and tell the Boss (the Economist?) that he is dead for 3.2 million dollars. Ben is surprised: ‘You’ve arranged this meeting so you can blackmail me?’ Miles: ‘Technically it’s extortion.’ Hey, I’m the one who gets to qualify everything with a ‘technically’ Ben is amazed ‘3.2…Well why not 3.3 or 3.4?’ Not only is Ben hilarious, he makes a damn good point. Miles doesn’t answer. Ben tries to deny having any access to that kind of money. Miles gets irate that Ben is underestimating him, and treating him as if he were a Lostaway. Ben thinks Charlotte is a problem as she has already seen him. Miles thinks he can take care of Charlotte, he just needs a week. Ben points out that he is hindered by his capture. Miles says he has a week, and then Kate brings the conversation to a halt. She holds Miles against a wall. He says ‘Ooo this is hot.’ Oh no it isn’t. Kate needs him to keep his end of the bargain. He tells her that as soon as Jack said he was a survivor of Oceanic 815, they checked the manifest for it, found that there was a fugitive called Kate Austen on board and found the mug shot. From that he knows that she did a long list of illegal stuff. Miles recommends that she stay on Craphole Island, using the same reasoning as Sawyer did last week. Kate’s had enough and brings him up the stairs to find Locke and Sawyer. Sawyer shakes his head at her and John tells her to screw off back to her house.

Kate’s back at Casa de Claire listening to that damn Patsy Kline chick they play in all her episodes. Not a fan of country and western, except in the Blues Brothers. Kate couldn’t sleep. Claire reckons that’s because beds would take a while getting used to. Locke opens the door (see they don’t have locks! Kate’s window smash was unnecessary) Locke needs a moment alone with Kate. Claire leaves. Kate starts to explain why she did what she did, but John cuts her off saying he doesn’t want to know why, he just wants to know what got said. Kate tells John that Miles told Ben that he would lie to the people on the boat, tell them Ben was dead for the princely sum of 3.2 million dollars. Kate apologises, and then tries to reason with John, saying that she did ask. Yeah, well, Locke’s not Sawyer, he interrupts her to banish her. NICE.

FLASHFORWARD to the settlement room. Kate enters and her wheelchair bound mum follows. Kate doesn’t want to speak to her. Her mum wants to know if what Jack said about her saving all those lives is true. Kate is silent. Her mother wishes to know why Kate won’t talk. Kate explodes ‘Because, mom, last time I tried to talk to you, when you got sick when I risked my life to see you, you screamed and called the police!’ She leaves out ‘culminating in the death of the man I loved, who was a doctor who saved lives and had a son, you selfish cancerous bitch.’ Her mum tells her to stop. She’s sick. She’s dying. She could go at any moment. She tells Kate she doesn’t want to testify. Kate says she shouldn’t. Zelda wants to see her grandson. Absolutely not, says Kate. Then she leaves.

In the island’s Casa de Potential Sitcom, Kate comes into Sawyer’s room. Sawyer has a fancy blue handbag and a pink topped floral box on his bookshelf. Bum bum BUM!! Sawyer apologises for not defending her, he wanted Locke to think she had fooled him. Kate tells Sawyer she is banished. Sawyer unbanishes her. He says that she can stay right with him, because this is his house. They are distracted by the flushing. They stare upwards at the ceiling and roll their eyes at the fat man crapping. Sawyer asks if she is going to be alright, then tells her he’ll keep her safe. Kate swoons. They snog.

It’s night time. Daniel is sitting across from Charlotte at a stump with face down playing cards on top. Daniel shifts his eyes, wrings his hands together, squats up and down, wipes his mouth, crosses and uncrosses his legs, shakes his head, nods his head, and mops his brow. Either Jeremy Davies is a really good actor, or he desperately needed a piss. He needs to remember what cards were there. He guesses the queen of diamonds, the six of clubs and the ten of hearts. He got the ten of hearts wrong, but it’s a shame as he was *so* close to the correct answer, the three of spades. Two out of three’s not so bad says Charlotte. Daniel gets embarrassed by his failure and god forbid he turns into, like, some sort of nervous wreck. Jack comes swaggering over and says ‘Hey,’ curtly. He has been calling the damn boat all day and has not heard anything. What the hell does Charlotte know, she’s been on the island. Jack finds it preposterous that there is only one line on the boat. Charlotte tells him that there is an emergency line. Juliet tells them to call it. Charlotte looks round shiftily, then calls it. Jack tells her to put it on loudspeaker. Charlotte tells him change that blue Abercrombie and Fitch short sleeve open stitch left weave faded wash crew neck Henley T shirt, you smelly bastard. Or not. They dial the emergency number and Regina answers. Charlotte tells her that the Lostaways want to talk to their friends to make sure that they are alright. This is news to Regina, she has not seen hide (nor hair) of any helicopters. Jack is a little scared. He gets up and starts pacing.

It’s the next day. Miles is not shackled in a seat, but now he’s standing up. Locke enters. Miles starts to make conversation. Locke tells Miles to open his mouth….wide. Miles says ‘Ooo this is hot.’ Oh yes it is. Locke stuffs Miles (heh)’ mouth with a grenade. You need to improvise such an S&M gag on desert islands. Miles is turned on, until Locke pulls out the pin and says rapidly ‘I realise that when I tied you up the other day, I made the mistake of failing to introduce myself, my name is John Locke and I’m responsible for the wellbeing of this island. Eventually, Miles, you are going to tell me who you are, and you’re going to tell me about the people on the boat, and you’re going to tell me why you’re so interested in Ben. In the mean time however, you’re going to keep your mouth shut.’ Locke is like a Machiavellian Bond villain. And he’s got the Blofeld scar and bald head. Locke tells Miles that there’s no use for rules if there’s no punishment for breaking them. Locke leaves, but not before adding ‘Enjoy your breakfast,’

The camera pans over Evangeline Lilly’s tremendous body, and I’m astonished because you can see her bum bum BUM. She’s lying on Josh Holloway. Beautiful. Kate kisses Sawyer. He kisses back and lays her down and spreads her legs. Photobucket Kate tells him to slow down. Sawyers surprised, because it’s not as if it’s their first time. How can she resist, Sawyer hasn’t been this romantic since 2.09, and now he’s killed the Real Sawyer, he doesn’t need people to hate him any more. Sawyer tries to get jiggy with it, but Kate blocks the advances. Sawyer reckons it’s the pregnancy. Kate says she’s not pregnant. Well, flashforward tells us this is a lie. Sawyer is over the moon he’s not a daddy. But he is, in the real world, Clementine Philips-Ford. Sawyer whoops. Kate asks him if he’s that relieved. Sawyer exuberantly testifies that he is, saying ‘What would we have done with a baby?’ Umm, bad tack there, Sawyer, you should have tried saying ‘You would have been killed, because of this random island’s deal with pregnant women,’ Kate says she’s leaving. OFFS. ‘Beach???’ says Sawyer. Does anyone watch Arrested Development? In the final episode of the first series, the clever brother’s sister, Lindsay says ‘I’ve found a great way to make money…beads!’ and the stupid magician brother called GOB says ‘Bees???’ Lindsay: ‘No, beads’ GOB: ‘BEADS???’ The way how Sawyer says ‘Beach???’ is very reminiscent of that classic scene. Sawyer is disturbed that Kate is leaving. ‘You crawl up in my bed one second, the next you just…’ Kate stops him to say goodbye. Sawyer tells her firmly not to make it about him; she didn’t even want a baby. Sawyer brilliantly says ‘You’re just looking for some excuse to split and now you’ve got one. Well that’s alright, Freckles (now not calling her Kate, tsk tsk) I ain’t gonna hold it against ya, I’m just gonna sit here in my comfy bed, because in about a week, you’re gonna find a reason to get pissed at Jack and bounce right back to me.’ Photobucket Kate gives him a massive heroic slap in the face and leaves without a word.

We FLASHFORWARD to the courtroom. Oo I wonder what the verdict will be, seeing as Jack is about to grow a beard and when we saw him with a beard, Kate was free. Yawn. The prosecution moans that their witness had to retire on medical reasons, and the judge grants a recess, they will return after lunch. The lawyers need to settle. The DA presents them with the offer of 4 years in prison. Kate shyly shakes her head in negation. The lawyer says no to any jail time, Kate is one of the most recognisable faces in America, she is a world famous hero who saved 5 other people’s lives. The DA’s lip wobbles. She says Kate can have ten years probation as long as she does not leave the state. Kate blurts that she will take it. Her lawyer wants her to hold her horses, he can get them to give her a better deal. Kate just wants to sign and have it all over. Kate reminds them that she has a child; she’s not going anywhere.

Kate comes out of the court’s back entrance and unleashes her perfect hair
Photobucket Someone says for her to ‘hey’ She turns and it’s Jack. What's with all the meetings in backlots? First the airport, now this. Well, technically first this, then the airport. Jack’s not kitted out in full denim yet, but he is in leather. (It’s only a matter of time) Kate is happy to see him. She mentions that she’s heard Jack say ‘that story’ so many times, she reckons he’s beginning to believe it. Evangeline keeps looking at the camera Photobucket Stop it! You’re ruining the illusion that this is real. Jack says that he just wants to tell her that he lied. Yeah, we all know that you lied, not one part of your testimony was true. Kate asks if he wants to follow her home for a visit. Jack puffs out his cheeks and rejects her, saying that perhaps they could have a coffee sometime. Kate smiles. Then sneers that she knows why Jack doesn’t want to see the baby. Because he’s a grown man? Until he does, however, until he *wants* to, there’s no going for coffee. The door is still open to come see them though. This scene is too long and there’s not enough salient info being given. Jack gives a smile like ‘Yeah, THAT’S gonna happen,’ Photobucket Kate narrows her eyes and leaves. She is looking very fine in the future Photobucket

The taxi drops her off at her mahoosive house and she is greeted by the frumpy nanny. Photobucket She checks to make sure the kid hasn’t been watching any TV. He’s napping, she wants to check on him. She enters the bedroom. Interestingly, the six of clubs is placed randomly in a picture on the wall. She sadistically wakes up the kid Photobucket and she cries.

‘Hi mommy,’ says Kate’s son.

Kate’s eyes go weird and lizard like as she holds her son.
‘Hi, Aaron’
Photobucket Photobucket

Grading: B+

Interesting points raised:
Locke = Badass
‘Derailed Arrogant takes a loved one, case closed - the EU’ is an anagram of ‘Aaron loves Kate, great, no Claire, dead? Lose the case, dude’ make of that what you will…is Kate derailed and arrogant? From the bizarre scary music at the end, it’s pretty safe to assume that it is Claire’s son, Aaron. Kate is masquerading as his mother, not just to the outside world, but to Aaron as well.
Who remembers Richard Malkin, raise your hands…good, a few of you. Now who remembers him telling Claire that great danger will befall Aaron if he is Raised By Another other than her? Have yourself a gold star. I wonder if she sings Catch a Falling Star to Aaron.
If Ben has that kind of money, and goes to and fro the island, why the hell did he hatch an elaborate scheme whereby his people would catch a grieving father, sadistically persuade him to find any means necessary to bring him a doctor and some others to get him to do the surgery on his which meant two innocent people got killed in the process, and 5 Others.
Desmond’s flash that Claire and Aaron got into a helicopter did not come true. Bugger. The one flash that convinced he and Charlie to let him die did not come true. Ouch.
What happened to all the other people who went with Locke?
If Kate went back, would she take her mum to get cured? And does she have a chance of getting cancer, as a lot of the time it depends on your family’s history. Is that what would convince her to go back?
The card game?
Does Ben realise his cell’s now unlocked?
Wow…Charlie meant fuck all to Claire, she hasn’t mentioned him. Are there ANY nice women on this island? You can’t trust Juliet, Kate, or Charlotte, Libby was a mental pathological liar, Shannon was a stroppy snarky cow who used her gorgeous long naked truculent fleshy thighs to get dopes like Charlie to catch fish for her, and Cindy’s gone off with the Others. The most trustworthy and sincere woman on the island was Ana Lucia. Fancy THAT.
What happened to Locke’s dinner L?


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