Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Awards 2010 - Best Looking

Here's the only category anyone really cares about:

You narcissistic people!

It's time for you to learn who is the BEST LOOKING

And the award goes to the prize pony of Gap, herself: KITTY

The full tally of votes and nominees are listed below.

*BLOGGER NOTE* It's wonderful to see the amount of people on this list, and good to learn that appeal can be found by everyone in anyone

Tajinder IIIII
Sarah-Michelle IIII
Khus III
Amel III
Tufail II
Hamza II
Linda II
James T II
Saifur II
Diana II
Joshy II
Krista I
Matt I
David I
Agniezka I
Victoria I
Anis I
Arif I
Shafa I
Lira I
Dan I
Teodora I
Jay I
Annika I
Most female employees (according to *a**e)

NEXT: Best person to keep a secret

1 comment:

mugato said...

3 for khus?

come on!

-Debbie Downer