Thursday, 25 June 2015

The GAME OF THRONES Fantasy League

The GAME OF THRONES Fantasy League is finally here!

How to play:

Select ONE character from EACH Group. Once Season 6 begins, I will award points to each character. The aim is to finish the season with the most points. The winner shall get several Game of Thrones goodies!

Points are awarded to characters if they are seen to perform certain tasks on screen, e.g. killing a White Walker or drinking wine. Points can be given but can also be taken away, mostly for incompetence or violence, e.g. getting injured or killing someone.

5 points are given just for appearing in an episode, conversely 5 points are taken away if your character does not appear in the episode.

Regard the points system carefully before choosing your team of characters.

There will be a capping system in place in the event your character kills more than two people in a single episode. A character like Bronn who killed thousands of people with a single arrow in the episode 'Blackwater' would never be able to gain those points back if not for a capping system in place, so you would never lose more than 20 points if your character killed over two people in a single episode.

All events must be seen on screen.

Now that is out of the way, on to the Character Groups!

The Characters are sorted into nine groups:

Group A: Main Characters - anyone picking a team of nine Game of Thrones characters would include Arya, Daenerys, Tyrion etc: you can only pick ONE of the main characters. Choose wisely, the character you pick here may be what makes or breaks your team.

Group B: Supporting Main Characters - these are characters who have enough screen presence that they can carry storylines and scenes on their own, but are not key points of view in the song of Ice and Fire

Group C: Rest of the Main Characters - all the other characters whose actors have their names in the opening credits as of season 5

Group D: Side Characters - important characters but not important enough to have their names in the opening credits

Group E: Side Characters to the Side Characters - significant characters that aren't important enough to carry their own scenes

Group F: Weirdos - these people are just strange, their significance in the overall story has yet to be seen

Group G: Animals - you need an animal on your team, take your pick!

Group H: Definitely Dead? - these are characters that are dead or presumed dead but there is still a hope among fans that they might return to the show

Group I: Where are these fuckers? - characters who have been shown to be highly significant but the show seems to have forgotten about them. God knows if any of these will be back for Season 6

Pick one character from each group, assemble your team and we will see you back here in 2016 to see who has won the Game of Thrones Fantasy League!

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