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The Game of Thrones Fantasy League - 6.01 - The Red Woman

Game of Thrones – 6.01 – The Red Woman

After an agonising wait, season six has finally begun and with its commencement, the Game of Thrones Fantasy League is under weigh! 240 points were awarded in this episode, one of the lowest scores for a premiere in the show’s history. The character scores are below, but first here are my reasons for some results which might require explanation. Be warned, this post contains spoilers for episode one.

Possible points of contention:
Cersei gains points for encountering Jamie and Myrcella under the heading of "previously lost blood relative", and vice versa. Once you have been held captive, as Jaime was in Dorne and Cersei was with the faith militant, you now count as a “lost” blood relative. Myrcella also counts as a lost relative to Cersei, as Cersei believed her life to be under threat upon receiving her necklace in Season 5, arguably ignorant of Myrcella’s state of wellbeing. You can receive encountering points even after you die.

Melisandre gains points for getting a haircut, as her hair thins out after her transformation.

Trystane, Nymeria and Obara all gain points for travelling by boat. Due to the architecture of Trystane’s room and the establishing shot of the boat just before the scene begins, we can infer that it takes place on a boat.

Prince Doran gains points for walking around a garden plotting, as he hobbles around the Water Gardens slagging off Oberyn. Ellaria and Tyene don’t gain points for this as they don’t join in with him.

Ghost and Ser Davos both get points for having the first line of the premiere. Ghost is the first character to make a noise through their mouth this episode, and Davos is the first character in the game to speak a line of dialogue. Therefore both gain points.

Ghost affectionately nudges Jon Snow with his mouth. This counts as kissing points for both Ghost and Jon. Why, how else do you kiss?

Tyrion parts with money when he hands his coin to Varys. Varys in turn incurs a loss as he hands the money to the Meereenese beggar woman.

Character Scores

Here is a full list of the characters and their awarded points. If one of your characters does not appear in the following lists, this is due to their absence from the episode, for which you shall be deducted five points per character:

Group A – Main Characters
Arya Stark – 0 points: appears (+5), injured (-5)
Bran Stark – -5 points: doesn’t appear in episode (-5)
Cersei Lannister – 65 points: appears (+5), 2 X encounters previously lost blood relative (30)
Daenerys Targaryen – 5 points: appears
Jaime Lannister – 65 points: appears (+5), travels by boat (+15), visits King’s Landing (+15), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)
Sansa Stark – 5 points: appears (+5)
Tyrion Lannister – -5 points: appears (+5), parts with money (-10)

Group B – Supporting Main Characters
Brienne of Tarth – -10 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+15), 2 X kills someone (-10), injured (-5)
Margaery Tyrell – 5 points: appears (+5)
Melisandre – 100 points: appears (+5), gets naked (+15), hair changes colour (+15), haircut (+20), last onscreen (+15), magic (+30)
Ramsay Bolton – 5 points: appears (+5)
Ser Davos Seaworth – 45 points: first line of premiere (+20), appears (+5), says the episode title (+10), last line (+10)
Ser Jorah Mormont – 15 points: appears (+5), rides a horse (+10)
Theon Greyjoy – -5 points: appears (+5), kills someone (-10)
Varys – -5 points: appears (+5), parts with money (-10)

Group C – Rest of the Main Characters
Daario Naharis – 15 points: appears (+5), rides a horse (+10)
Ellaria Sand – -5 points: appears (+5), kills someone (-10)
High Sparrow – 5 points: appears (+5)
Roose Bolton – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group D – Side Characters
Obara Sand – 10 points: appears (+5), kills someone (-10), travels by boat (+15)
Podrick Payne – 5 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10), kills someone (-10)
Prince Doran Martell – -10 points: appears (+5), walks around a garden plotting (+15), dies (-30)
Tyene Sand – -15 points: appears (+5), 2 X kills someone (-10)

Group E – Side characters to the Side Characters
Areo Hotah – -25 points: appears (+5), dies (-30)
Nymeria Sand – 20 points: appears (+5), travels by boat (+15)
Ser Alliser Thorne – 15 points: appears (+5), says the episode title (+10)
Trystane Martell – 0 points: appears (+5), travels by boat (+15), unsheafs sword (+10), dies (-30),

Group F – Weirdos
No one from this group appeared in this episode!

Group G – Animals
Ghost – 40 points: first line of premiere (+20), appears (+5), kiss (+15)

Group H – Definitely Dead?
Jon Snow – 50 points: first on screen of premiere (+30), appears (+5), gets kissed (+15)
Myrcella Baratheon – 65 points: appears (+5), travels by boat (+15), visits King’s Landing (+15), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)

Group I – Where are these fuckers?
Fuck knows.

The Leaderboard

Players can see their scores by consulting their initials in the table below. Congratulations to MS!

Join me next week, for "6.02 - Home"...where I suspect quite a few characters may get points for saying the episode title. Valar Morghulis!

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