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The Game of Thrones Fantasy League – 6.02 – Home

Game of Thrones – 6.02 – Home

Finally, the worst kept secret in TV history can be put to bed. “Home” delivered on many events that a lot of us predicted would happen: that Euron would kill Balon, Bran’s training would give him ancestral visions, and of course, Melisandre would bring Jon Snow back from the dead. Despite things turning out pretty much how we all expected, the episode still managed to cram in some surprises. I did not see Roose’s death coming so soon, nor that Tyrion would have such affinity with dragons. Hopefully the rest of this season will proceed less predictably. This was the single highest scoring episode by a country mile, out of ALL aired episodes, even the ones from seasons 1-5! The total of points awarded for this episode was 905. The previous champion was 4.02 – The Lion and the Rose, which gained 773 points due to Bran having a vision, various characters eating, drinking, marrying and kissing.

Here are the scores for the second episode of Season 6.

Possible points of contention:
There is justifiable confusion regarding the “witnesses magic” at the end of the episode. The magic itself refers to Jon’s transformation from dead to living, in which case I can award Ghost as he is present for Jon’s resurrection. Tormund, Davos and Melisandre herself witness her performing a spell/prayer but the effect does not come into play until they’ve left. Jon does not gain points for witnessing magic as he arguably is unconscious when this happens.

Should Tormund and Davos and Ghost get points for witnessing magic as they are seeing Melisandre in her young form? In this case, magic refers to her transformation so no. If they were there to witness her change from old to young, they would be awarded points.

Last time we saw Melisandre, her hair was white. It is now red, therefore she gains hair colour change points.

Last time we saw Bran and the Three Eyed Raven, they both had long hair. Now they have short hair and have gained haircut points.

It can be assumed that the woman speaking to Meera is a recast Leaf.

The first noise we hear is a crow squawking but the first line of dialogue we hear is from Bran. Both gain first line points.

The last spoken line is from Melisandre but the last noise we hear is Jon gasping. Both gain last line points.

Tommen gains points three times for encountering previously lost blood relatives, Jaime, Myrcella and Cersei. All three also gain points for encountering him.

While Varys does not go right up to Rhaegal and Viserion, he gains points for encountering both dragons.

Yara gains points for communicating with deity as she murmurs What is Dead May Never Die at her father’s funeral. She and Balon do not gain points for doing this in earlier scenes as the words were not uttered personally to the Drowned God.

Hodor, Bran, Leaf and the Three Eyed Crow gain points for witnessing magic. This is referring specifically to Bran’s eyes changing from cloudy to normal.

Bran’s vision does not count as a flashback as he did not live the events when they happened. The sequence counts as a dream sequence/vision.

Benjen gains points for mentioning Lyanna as he literally calls her by name.

Character Scores

Here is a full list of the characters and their awarded points. If one of your characters does not appear in the following lists, this is due to their absence from the episode, for which you shall be deducted five points per character:

Group A – Main Characters
Arya Stark – 0 points: appears (+5), gets injured (-5)
Bran Stark – 245 points: appears (+5), first on screen (+15), appears in dream sequence (+40), first line (+10), mentions Lyanna (+25), witnesses magic (+30), says the episode title (+10), has a haircut (+20), 3 X encounters previously lost blood relative (+30),
Cersei Lannister – 35 points: appears (+5), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)
Daenerys Targaryen – -5 points: does not appear (-5),
Jaime Lannister – 35 points: appears (+5), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)
Sansa Stark – 5 points: appears (+5)
Tyrion Lannister – 53 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8), 2 X encounters dragon (+20)

Group B – Supporting Main Characters
Brienne of Tarth – 5 points: appears (+5),
Melisandre – 45 points: appears (+5), hair changes colour (+15), communicates with deity (+15), last line (+10)
Ramsay Bolton – -15 points: appears (+5), 2 X kills (-10),
Ser Davos Seaworth – 15 points: appears (+5), unsheafs sword (+10)
Theon Greyjoy – 15 points: appears (+5), says the episode title, (+10)
Varys – 45 points: appears (+5), 2 X encounters dragon (+20)

Group C – Rest of the Main Characters
Jaqen H'ghar – 5 points: appears (+5)
Missandei – 5 points: appears (+5)
Roose Bolton – -25 points: appears (+5), dies (-30),
Tommen Baratheon – 95 points: appears (+5), 3 X encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)
Tormund Giantsbane – 17 points: appears (+5), leads army into battle (+22), kills (-10)

Group D – Side Characters
Grey Worm – 5 points: appears (+5)
High Sparrow – 5 points: appears (+5)
Meera Reed – 5 points: appears (+5)
Podrick Payne – 5 points: appears (+5),

Group E – Side characters to the Side Characters
Hodor – 75 points: appears (+5), appears in vision (+40), witnesses magic (+30),
Ser Alliser Thorne – 5 points: appears (+5),

Group F – Weirdos
Leaf – 35 points: appears (+5), witnesses magic (+30),
Ser Robert Strong – -5 points: appears (+5), kills (-10)
Three Eyed Crow – 120 points: appears (+5), first on screen (+15), first line (+10), has haircut (+20), appears in vision (+40), witnesses magic (+30),

Group G – Animals
Ghost – 35 points: appears (+5), witnesses magic (+30)
Rhaegal – 5 points: appears (+5),
Viserion – 5 points: appears (+5),

Group H – Definitely Dead?
Benjen Stark – 70 points: appears (+5), appears in vision (+40), mentions Lyanna (+25)
Jon Snow – 95 points: appears (+5), has haircut (+20), comes back from the dead (+45), last line (+10), last on screen (+15),
Myrcella Baratheon – 35 points: appears (+5), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30)

Group I – Where are these fuckers?
Balon Greyjoy – 5 points: appears (+5), encounters previously lost blood relative (+30) dies (-30),
Yara Greyjoy – 20 points: appears (+5), communicates with deity (+15),

The Leaderboard

Players can see their scores by consulting their initials in the table below. Congratulations to LH for creeping into first place overall! And massive props to DH for being the player who gained the most points this episode. Keep up the good work, see you next week!

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