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The Game of Thrones Fantasy League – 6.07 – The Broken Man

Game of Thrones – 6.07 – The Broken Man

We’re coming in to the home stretch now, the people in the lead are really leading and it’s going to take something big to help some of the players who are lagging behind catch up. Fortunately this is Game of Thrones and it’s likely that Very Big Things are round the corner. This episode had a different structure to most: where in recent years the show’s style has been to tell each story by location, this one allowed for a more thematically coherent and focused episode, returning several times to the procedural story of building the Stark army, the Hound examining his identity, and the Lannister conflict with the Tullys. However, this was a disappointing episode for anyone hoping for a significant change of fortune as the decision to pare down the number of storylines meant that this contained far fewer characters than usual. With only 15 fantasy league characters featured, there was an overall total of 157 points this episode, the lowest of the season so far. My heart goes out to everyone who picked Arya Stark, it really has become a running joke that she is doing quite awfully. Out of the 73 characters in this game she has the 39th lowest score, being beaten by characters who have had mere seconds of screen time like Myrcella Baratheon and Kevan Lannister. After a season of being beaten and now getting stabbed, one really hopes that she’s seen enough misery and can start getting back on top of things. Sandor Clegane owned this episode but no one actually picked him for their team so he has a slew of unclaimed points. If he lives to season seven, I’m sure it will be a different story.

Here are the scores for the seventh episode of Season 6 after some reasons for rulings.

Possible points of contention:
Jaime obviously does not get points for saying “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts” as Bronn cuts him off before he can.

Jaime gets points for riding a horse twice as we see him riding on the way to the Riverlands, and then again to treat with the Blackfish.

As a character who was considered dead but has returned to this season alive, Sandor Clegane gets 45 points for coming back from the dead.

The Hound and Arya both get points for having the last line as Sandor makes the last noise, but Arya has the last spoken line.

Theon and Yara are in Volantis and thus gain points for crossing the Narrow Sea. Neither gain points for drinking wine as Yara refers to their drinks as ale.

Yara kisses a prostitute and Theon, gaining kissing points for both.

Character Scores
Here is a full list of the characters and their awarded points. If one of your characters does not appear in the following lists, this is due to their absence from the episode, for which you shall be deducted five points per character:

Group A – Main Characters
Arya Stark – 10 points: appears (+5), gets injured (-5), last line (+10),
Cersei Lannister – 5 points: appears (+5)
Jaime Lannister – 20 points: appears (+5), 2 X rides horse (+10), inflicts harm (-5)
Sansa Stark – 40 points: appears (+5), mentions Lyanna (+25), rides horse (+10)

Group B – Supporting Mains
Margaery Tyrell – 5 points: appears (+5)
Ser Davos Seaworth – 15 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10)
Theon Greyjoy – 85 points: appears (+5), crosses narrow sea (+50), visits brothel (+15), gets kissed (+15)

Group C – Rest of the Mains
Ser Bronn – 15 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10)
Tormund Giantsbane – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group D – Side Characters
High Sparrow – 5 points: appears (+5)
Olenna Tyrell – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group E – Side Characters to the Side Characters
Living up to their name, these folks stuck to the sidelines this week.

Group F – Weirdos
Ser Robert Strong – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group G – Animals
Sadly, this was an animal free episode.

Group H – Definitely Dead?
Jon Snow – 15 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10)
Sandor Clegane – 117 points: appears (+5), first on screen (+15), first line (+10), eats (+7), back from the dead (+45), last line (+10), last on screen (+15)

Group I – Where are these fuckers?
Yara Greyjoy – 100 points: appears (+5), crosses narrow sea (+50), brothel (+15), 2 x has kiss (+15)

The Leaderboard

Players can see their scores by consulting their initials in the table below. Congratulations to CH for continuing to hold on to number one for another week! And well done ME for being the player who gained the most points this episode. Chances are, if your surname happens to begin with an H, you're going to be in the top five. Not long now, see you next week for No One!

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