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The Game of Thrones Fantasy League – 6.08 – No One

Game of Thrones – 6.08 – No One

This episode was another season low for points, taking 132 overall. In spite of that, I really enjoyed it. The reintroduction of Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr makes me feel that the ending of A Storm of Swords could actually get realised on screen. It also gives me a lot of amusement that every single character in my Where Are These Fuckers group has returned to the show during Season Six with one rather large exception – GENDRY! A third of the players in the league chose him as their Group I champion, he’s really letting them down. Could he turn up in the last two episodes, kill a white walker and get declared official ruler of Westeros in time for Season Seven, making a huge reversal in fantasy league fortunes? It’s really not likely, but perhaps he might turn up in Oldtown to greet Sam to the Citadel, or maybe he’s still rowing and might bump bows with the ship Arya is presumably going to take for her passage to Westeros? I’m very intrigued to see what Cersei is going to do now her trump card has been discarded. The deck is stacked against her, maybe she really should have fled like Olenna suggested. There’s been a common theme of people stubbornly staying in locations this season but certain characters, like Arya and Jon, and even to some extent Edmure have come to realise when they should admit defeat and do something different. I’ll be interested to see how the final two episodes comment on this theme.

Here are my reasons for some debatable scores in the eighth episode of Season 6.

Possible points of contention:
Jaime is seen riding his horse on three separate occasions, granting him Rides Horse points thrice.

Cersei and Lancel gain points for reuniting with each other as this is the first time they’ve been together since Cersei’s imprisonment.

On initial viewing, Grey Worm and Missandei seemed a lock for gaining both Drinks Wine and Turns Down Wine but on closer inspection, they don’t turn the wine down, they just hold the glass.

We can assume the liquid that The Hound is drinking from Thoros’ skein is wine as he is known to moan if it’s any other liquid. The lack of griping suggests it is wine, thus they both gain points.

Qyburn says that Tommen is currently praying, which is enough to gain Tommen points for communicating with deity.

Arya drinks the soup but as soup is a food, she may have points for eating.

Arya does NOT get minus points for killing the Waif, and that’s due to one line of dialogue in the episode. Arya says that the Waif is a girl with no name, therefore she is no one. Specifically you lose points if you kill SOMEONE. Killing no one doesn’t count as killing someone and so with that in mind, technically Arya cannot lose ten points for killing the Waif.

Character Scores
Here is a full list of the characters and their awarded points. If one of your characters does not appear in the following lists, this is due to their absence from the episode, for which you shall be deducted five points per character:

Group A – Main Characters
Arya Stark – 62 points: appears (+5), first line (+10), first on screen (+15), takes milk of the poppy (+5), eats (+7), gets injured (-5), last line (+10), last on screen (+15)
Cersei Lannister – 43 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8), reunites with previously lost blood relative (+30)
Daenerys Targaryen – 5 points: appears (+5)
Jaime Lannister – 35 points: appears (+5), 3 X rides horse (+10)
Tyrion Lannister – 13 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8)

Group B – Supporting Mains
Brienne of Tarth – 30 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10) travels by boat (+15)
Varys – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group C – Rest of the Mains
Jaqen H'ghar – 30 points: appears (+5), says episode title (+10), last on screen (+15)
Missandei – 13 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8)
Ser Bronn – 20 points: appears (+5), says C word (+15)
Tommen Baratheon – 20 points: appears (+5), communicates with deity (+15)

Group D – Side Characters
Grand Maester Pycelle – 5 points: appears (+5)
Grey Worm – 13 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8)
Podrick Payne – 30 points: appears (+5), rides horse (+10), travels by boat (+15)

Group E – Side Characters to the Side Characters
Kevan Lannister – 5 points: appears (+5)
Lancel Lannister – 35 points: appears (+5), reunites with previously lost blood relative (+30)
Mace Tyrell – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group F – Weirdos
Qyburn – 5 points: appears (+5)
Ser Robert Strong – -5 points: appears (+5), kills someone (-10)

Group G – Animals
Drogon – 5 points: appears (+5)

Group H – Definitely Dead?
Sandor Clegane – 0 points: appears (+5), 2 X kills (-10), eats (+7), drinks wine (+8)

Group I – Where are these fuckers?
Beric Dondarrion – -5 points: appears (+5), kills someone (-10)
Thoros of Myr – 13 points: appears (+5), drinks wine (+8)

The Leaderboard
Players can see their scores by consulting their initials in the table below. Well done CH for a practically unbeatable team, somehow managing to stay on top despite her Group A character being absent for two straight episodes. Special congratulations must be given to RCB for being the player to earn the most points this week! Well done, darling.

This is so close to ending, what will happen to the leaderboard over the next two weeks? I cannot wait for episode nine: The Battle of the Bastards!

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